Photo shoots in the studio

There is no fee charged for Barney's own time shooting family and pet portrait sittings up to 30 minutes, portfolio shoots and boudoir portraiture  up to one hour, and pack-shot product stills working inside the studio where the sitting is booked directly through HL-Studio. 
For commercial work other than pack shots in the studio please refer to the location rates in the right hand column.

Bookings through agencies may incur a modest fee.  For example, there is a standard fee of £20 on top of any other fees for bookings through websites such as Freelancer, and a minimum 15% surchage for work undertaken through Peopleperhour.

You pay ONLY for extended time on portraiture and portfolio shoots, ancillary services such as make-up artiste, post-production Photoshop, and the finished images themselves on a sliding scale, dependent on the quantity of the finished images required and the complexity of the work involved.  Rates p.o.a.  We can also supply professional commercial models for advertising work covering fashion and product photography.

As a guide only:

Additional time on portraiture and portfolio sessions over and above the minimum: £12.50 per fifteen minutes or part thereof
Make-up and styling: £30 ph - £80 ph min 3 hrs
Female models: £30 ph - £80 ph min 3 hrs
Male models: £40 ph - £80 ph min 3 hrs

Child model, (16 years or under in full time compulsory education), employment licence application: £10 per application.  Chaperone fees normally apply for models under 18 years.
Model travel and accommodation: at cost

Pack shots (per finished image)Between £3 per image (250+ images) and £25 per image (for 1, 2 or 3 images) for standard pack-shot editing dependent on a sliding scale between 4 and 249 images.

Other studio photography (per finished image): p.o.a.

Advanced Photoshop work: p.o.a.

Purchase / provision of bespoke equipment, sets and accessories: cost + 15% to cover admin
Photo shoots elsewhere
These rates also apply to commercial work undertaken in the studio, excluding pack shots.
Minimum fee for commercial work (3 hours on site): £230, otherwise ...
  • family and pet portraiture, min 30 minutes on site £49.50
  • boudoir portraiture, min 1 hour on site £99.50, and
  • corporate portraiture, min 2 hours on site £160, minimum one hour in the studio £80.
Half day (4 hours on site):  £280
Extra hours (per hour, max day 8 hrs): £50
Extra days (per 8 hr day, max 5 days): £400
Travel (over 50 mile round trip): £0.32 per mile
Accommodation (over 120 mile daily round trip): at cost + 15%
Video work: p.o.a.
Virtual tours: p.o.a. subject to property size.
Drone work: p.o.a. and is sub-contracted usually to Alula Media, subject to licensing and location. 
Drone work is not possible within certain restricted areas.
Make-up, styling, models, chaperones, travel, accommodation, Photoshop, bespoke equipment, sets and accessories, etc as per studio work.
Anything else: p.o.a.
IMPORTANT: We endeavour to be competitive but realistic.  We are not here to rip people off.
As an example we will offer a one-hour test photo shoot to any budding model free of charge, and give all the advice and help we can. 
But we will be honest with you, we won't lie to you, and we'll do our best for you.  After all, you are only human ... just like us.