Krista and Natalie came into my life in the spring of 2020.

A few months earlier I had approached local charitable organisation Prom Dreams and offered to photograph their entire collection of dresses and suits, which are offered to Year 11 students whose families have limited means and to students living in local authority and foster care free of charge.

I sought for, and found, a number of teenage budding models, principally through Sussex Youth Theatre, asking for volunteers to model the dresses and the suits.  Krista, and her younger sister Natalie, became two of those volunteer models.

Both have since come to be highly trusted as models for Prom Dreams and both have expressed a wish to seek opportunities as professional models, Natalie in the fashion market as she is already 5'8", and Krista in the commercial market as she is shorter.

In August 2020, having seen photos of both girls, I was approached by former a retired London Fashion Week photographer, offering to support both girls in pursuit of those dreams, and plans were made as Krista approached her eighteenth birthday, and Natalie her sixteenth.

Both girls have already started building portfolios and we are confident of them finding their way in the world of professional modelling.  But never forget, and this is certainly true of both girls, who are very level-headed, that education comes first.

Natalie is still just too young for most major UK-based agencies, but there are now top-end photographers and designers taking a very close look at her ... and, like Clare Mulholland, now retired, who took that same journey, and for whom I helped build the bulk of her initial portfolio in 1986, over thirty years ago, it's only a matter of time ...

If you think you might be the next "Krista", "Natalie" ... or Clare ... then please ask your mum or dad to contact me if you are under 18.  And if you are over 18 you can contact me directly, but do still remember that the best advice you'll ever get ... is almost certainly from your parents!

Images by Barney Douglas, Andy Owen, Graham Sapsford, Jason Ingold and Lizzie Stanbury